A Waterpik Giveaway to Combat Dental Issues!

Check out our blog post for information about how to enter an exciting giveaway of a Sidekick Water Flosser on our Facebook page or Instagram page. We also talk about a few pre-existing health conditions that can negatively affect your oral health. Contact us for help improving the health of your mouth and relieving any dental discomfort!

How Saliva Helps Prevent Cavities

Read our blog post to learn about the importance of saliva to your oral health. We also offer a few tips to stimulate saliva production. If you are afflicted by chronic dry mouth, our expert Odenton dental team can help ease your discomfort! Contact us today.

Are Clear Aligners Better Than Braces?

Read our blog post to learn about the differences between clear aligner therapy and traditional braces. If you are ready for a straighter smile, contact us to set up a consultation to see if clear aligners are right for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

What Is Causing My Tooth Pain?

Is your aching tooth driving you crazy? Read our blog post to discover 4 common reasons for painful teeth. Fortunately, our expert Odenton team is here to resolve your dental discomfort and make you smile again. Contact us as soon as possible to utilize our same-day emergency services!

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Check out our blog post to discover how to recognize, prepare for, act during, and prevent a dental emergency. We offer same-day emergency dentistry for patients of all ages. Utilize our new patient special for a discounted emergency exam + X-ray found on our homepage. Call our office ASAP!

Getting a Cavity and Dental Filling

What is Cavity? Tooth decay is the softening of┬áthe tooth enamel and refers to the damage of structure caused by acids wherein when the plaque bacteria break down the sugar in the mouth. If this would be left untreated, this will lead to a hole in your teeth. The worst part is that if this … Continued

Smile With a Purpose

At True Dental, your friendly neighborhood dentist in Odenton, we love our community, and that feeling goes beyond helping to create and maintain beautiful smiles. We are proud to support local organizations and make a difference wherever we can. Most recently, we were honored to raise funds for Fort Meade Officers’ Spouses’ Club, a non-profit … Continued

Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Smile, Odenton

Foods are one of our needs and we all love to eat delicious foods. We enjoy it with our friends on different occasions like parties, birthdays, picnics, anniversaries and a lot more celebrations in our life. But did you know that there are some foods and beverages that can cause damage to our teeth. Want … Continued

What is a Dental Veneer in Odenton?

A veneer is a quick way for a beautiful smile. It is perfect for those that have stained, chipped, and abnormally spaced teeth. Veneers are a prosthetic device used to improve the appearance and protect the tooth from surface damage. At TrueDental we offer services on veneers; our team can help you solve these problems … Continued