Root Canal Therapy in Odenton, MD

An infected tooth can be painful, but more importantly, it can be at risk for loss. To stop the pain and restore health to the tooth, root canal therapy can be necessary. As part of our family dentistry at True Dental, we use root canal therapy to save infected teeth and give our patients relief from excruciating tooth pain. There is no reason to fear a root canal – it can be the best way to alleviate severe pain and protect your oral health.

When the interior of the tooth is impacted by decay or infection, it can become detrimental to the health of the tooth. In addition, the infection and inflammation can put stress on the tooth’s nerve, causing extreme pain. This can occur due to decay that has infiltrated the inner canals of the tooth or bacteria that has gained access through a crack or other damage. Once inside the tooth, the infection must be removed to stop further damage to the live pulp and nerve. To save the tooth, root canal therapy is often the only solution.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Root canal procedures are often equated with pain. However, it is not the procedure that is painful; it is the infection that it removes that causes pain. Root canals remove the infected pulp and nerve root in the tooth. The canal of the tooth is disinfected and the tooth is resealed. Once the infection and nerve are gone, so is the source of the pain. While there may be some soreness after the procedure as the tooth heals, the extreme pain and infection are gone. A dental crown is usually added to the tooth to protect it from damage.

If you have a painful tooth that is infected, contact True Dental today. Our team will determine the cause and offer the best treatment solution for your tooth. If a root canal is needed, you can be assured we will make you comfortable while we perform your procedure and give you relief from the pain while protecting your oral health.

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