Clear Aligner Therapy in Odenton, MD

Have you been looking for a convenient teeth straightening treatment that is user-friendly and subtle? True Dental offers clear aligner therapy that allows patients to discreetly correct their crooked teeth and feel good about the appearance of their smile.

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What is the clear aligner treatment process?

Your orthodontist may use a combination of X-rays, photographs, digital scans, and dental impressions to determine which teeth need to move where and in what order. This helps them create several different aligners for you to wear over the course of the teeth straightening process. After you wear your invisible braces for the recommended time frame and follow your orthodontist’s instructions, you should have straight teeth in no time. After your teeth have been straightened, you will be fitted for a retainer to wear at night.

How long does clear aligner therapy take?

Clear teeth aligners can be good choices for teens and adults who have crooked teeth and don’t want conventional braces or adult braces. They’re also good for patients who have minor crowding and spacing issues, as severe orthodontic issues may require more complicated treatments.

Children are typically not good candidates for teeth aligners because their mouths are still developing and growing, and there is a certain amount of responsibility required to consistently wear and keep track of removable braces. Your orthodontist will be able to advise you on the best teeth straightening options for you and your family.

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