Protective Mouthguards in Odenton, MD

Do you play contact sports like football, boxing or hockey? Do you often grind your teeth, even unconsciously? If either of these is true then it’s in your best interest to get and wear a mouthguard so you can protect your teeth and look out for your oral health. True Dental offers affordable mouthguards so you can prevent damage and injury from the get-go and not have to deal with it in the future.

Mouthguards 101

While you may come across some mouthguards online or at your local drugstore, these are probably going to be a generic, one-size-fits-all type product, which means they aren’t going to offer as comfortable a fit or as extensive protection. Mouthguards from a dental professional are made from strong, special material that keeps your teeth and gums safe. When you come into our dental office for a mouthguard, we’ll first take impressions of your teeth so that you know your device is designed just for you.

Are Mouthguards Covered by Insurance?

Depending on the type of dental insurance plan and provider you have, your mouthguard (or at least a portion of it) might be covered by insurance. To confirm this, you can either contact our team so they can help you look into it or reach out to your insurance company directly to figure out the details of your plan.

Remember: Getting a sports mouthguard when you’re active in athletics or a nighttime mouthguard when you have bruxism is an investment in your smile. Having one could save you from a costly injury in the future or severe damage that requires an expensive treatment to fix. True Dental has different financial options so patients of all budgets can find something that works for them. Learn more on our Financial page!

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