Dental Implant Restorations

For replacing missing teeth, the premium option is dental implants. Due to their form and function, dental implants offer the closest resemblance to natural teeth for optimal results. Even though they are artificial, they still require care that is comparable to natural teeth. They must be kept clean and may require repairs due to wear and tear or trauma. When your dental implants need repair or restoration, our experienced dental team at True Dental can ensure you get the best dental care to maintain your restored smile.

In some cases, dental implants may need restoration. The methods used to complete dental implants ten or more years ago were not as advanced as they are today. If you have had bone loss or other issues that are impacting your dental implant or implants, restoration may be needed. Our team at True Dental can inspect your implants and offer solutions to complete restorations. We offer bone grafts, crown repairs and other options to ensure your investment in dental implants and your smile are protected.

Implant Repairs

Dental implants are susceptible to damage just like natural teeth. The crown that is placed on your implant can be cracked or broken and need replacement; it can also become loose or have other issues. Dr. Jai Shin is an experienced restorative dentist that can complete implant repairs at our office. He can repair or replace dental crowns on implants as needed, or fix other damage to your implants.

It is important to adhere to regular checkups when you have dental implants. Like your natural teeth, they need frequent exams to ensure their health. Unlike natural teeth, they may not alert you to a problem with pain or a toothache, making it even more important to come in for routine checkups. Contact True Dental today to schedule your next exam to ensure the health of your dental implants and to protect your smile.