Fluoride Treatments in Odenton, MD

Prevention is the best way to protect your smile from the effects of tooth decay. Fluoride treatments are an effective way to give your smile a boost in strength by providing your tooth’s enamel with the vital minerals it needs to stay strong. When caught early, the effects of tooth decay can even be reversed with fluoride treatments. To learn more about the benefits of fluoride treatments for your smile, call True Dental today!

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Is Fluoride Safe?

Yes, fluoride is safe. Multiple scientific bodies have rigorously tested fluoride over the years. Further, products containing fluoride are meticulously regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and will always contain warnings, usage instructions, and ingredients. When used as directed, you have no cause for concern. While the fluoride treatments administered by your dentist will contain more fluoride than you may find in your toothpaste, it’s administered in a way that presents no health concerns for you or your child.

Are There Adult Fluoride Treatments?

While adult fluoride treatments aren’t as commonly referenced as fluoride treatments for kids, yes, adults can be viable candidates for them. Many dentists will implement fluoride treatments into your routine dental treatment if you would like. Adults and children can benefit from the effects of fluoride treatments.

What Is The Best Fluoride Treatment?

There are several ways that your dentist can administer fluoride treatments. Gels, foams, and washes are common practices. Each of these methods is equally effective when administered properly. Be sure to follow any instructions from your dentist following the treatment to get the best out of your fluoride treatment.

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