Wisdom Teeth Removal in Odenton, MD

As a rule of thumb, our goal at True Dental is to protect our patients’ natural teeth from extraction whenever possible. However, if a tooth or teeth present a risk to the overall oral health, it should be removed. Wisdom teeth are the most common teeth that are removed proactively to prevent oral health issues and it is a service we offer at our office in Odenton.

The last four molars to arrive in the mouth are the wisdom teeth, usually emerging right near adulthood for most teens. While many wisdom teeth come in with little problem, there are others that pose a risk when they begin to completely form. Some people are born with smaller mouths that cannot accommodate these last molars. Others have wisdom teeth that become impacted in the gums, either growing the wrong direction or not emerging at all. When these types of issues occur, they can cause pain, infection and other dental issues if the wisdom teeth are not removed.

Gentle Wisdom Tooth Extractions

If you or your teen needs wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Jai Shin and our team at True Dental will ensure you get the best care during your procedure. We understand having any tooth removed can be stressful, but we strive to make sure our patients are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure without any pain. We offer sedation options and we will explain exactly what to expect during and after your wisdom tooth removal. Most wisdom tooth procedures are performed without any complications, and with proper home care, the gums heal quickly.

Wisdom teeth should be monitored as they begin to form to check for any possible issues. If you have a teenager, it is important for them to receive regular checkups for maintaining their oral health and monitoring their wisdom tooth growth. If these molars need removal, you can trust our experienced dental team to give you or your teen the best medical care available. Contact True Dental to schedule a consultation about the removal of your wisdom teeth.

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