Why Does My Jaw Hurt When I Wake Up?

Middle-aged man cringes and touches his jaw due to jaw pain after waking up

If your jaw hurts when you wake up most or all days, it’s likely negatively affecting your quality of life. It can take your focus off your responsibilities and what matters most to you. The first step toward reducing your jaw pain is understanding what may be its culprit and seeking the assistance of a dentist in Odenton, MD, such as our expert dentists at True Dental. Read on to learn about what could be causing your jaw to hurt when you wake up.

TMJ Dysfunction

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMD, is a condition that can affect the jaw joints when they become misaligned or their cartilage degenerates. The temporomandibular joints are in front of your ears, and connect your skull and your lower jaw. Disorder of these joints can stem from arthritis, chronic teeth grinding, and overuse from constant and aggressive gum chewing. In addition to localized jaw pain or pain that radiates through your face and neck, you may also have headaches upon waking up and notice a clicking or popping noise when you chew or open your jaw.

Teeth Clenching & Grinding

Certain medications, anxiety, and stress can lead to chronic teeth clenching and grinding while you sleep. This is called bruxism. It can cause your jaw to hurt when you wake up and contribute to the development of TMJ dysfunction. You could also experience tooth pain and sensitivity, headaches, earaches, and neck soreness.

Decay & Gum Disease

There are other oral health issues that can contribute to jaw pain too. For instance, if you have tooth decay or a cavity that’s causing you to avoid chewing in certain areas of your mouth due to pain, your jaw muscles can become imbalanced, tight, and painful. Additionally, an untreated infection in your gums can spread to your jaw, causing pain and bone loss.

Treatment for Jaw Pain in Odenton, MD

Our Odenton dentists can determine the cause of your jaw pain and provide you with corrective measures. Contact our office today by calling (443)-438-1054 or with our online contact form to schedule an appointment with True Dental in Odenton, MD!

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