Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Smile, Odenton

Woman with a Healthy Smile Foods are one of our needs and we all love to eat delicious foods. We enjoy it with our friends on different occasions like parties, birthdays, picnics, anniversaries and a lot more celebrations in our life. But did you know that there are some foods and beverages that can cause damage to our teeth. Want to have a healthy smile? We’ll give some example of foods that can damage your teeth. Here are the following:


They may be seemingly harmless but they can cause decay in our teeth. Eat a lot these and a constant exposure to sugar will cause tooth decay. Fan of eating hard candies? They can put your teeth at risk as because it can lead to broken tooth or chipped tooth.

Chewing Ice cubes

We all think that chewing ice cubes is alright because it is just water and it doesn’t contain any sugar at all. Chewing hard substances can make our teeth vulnerable to dental emergencies and may damage the enamel as well.

Citric Foods and Beverages

Frequent intake of citric foods can erode the enamel and make it more vulnerable to cavity over time.

Coffee or tea

Coffee and tea can be healthy beverage choices, unfortunately, a lot of us can’t resist adding sugar to our coffee or tea. Frequent intake of coffee and tea may stain our teeth. Caffeinated ones can dry out our mouth too.

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods are your teeth’s worst nightmare because they tend to stay long, sticking to our teeth especially in the gaps. So when you eat some of these, make sure you rinse it with plenty of water, brush and floss carefully.

Potato chips

Who else doesn’t love the nice and satisfying crunch of potato chips? We all love potato chips. Unfortunately these are filled with starch that gets trapped in our teeth. If you choose to eat potato chips, just floss carefully to remove all the food particles that are stuck in your teeth to avoid plaque build ups and other complications.


Intake of sugary foods and beverages like sodas for a long period of time causes plaque bacteria that use sugar to produce acids that can damage the enamel of the tooth, which is the hardest portion of the tooth. Caffeinated beverages like cola or any other carbonated soft drinks may dry out our mouth. If you do so consume, just have a cup of water with you.


Alcoholic drinks dehydrate and dry our mouth. Too much alcohol intake may lead to serious mouth diseases like gum disease because drinkers may feel that their saliva flow is being reduced over time. Excessive intake of this may risk you of mouth cancer.

Sports Drink

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, sports drinks are helpful to young athletes because they are engaged in vigorous physical activities but in some cases it is unnecessary. They seem healthy but unfortunately, sugar is its top ingredient. You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Cosmetic Dental Services in Odenton. Book your appointment with us at True Dental and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth!

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